A Note to Our Partners

Our work with the Akha would be impossible without the prayer and support of partners like you. Your continued partnership has enabled us to serve the Akha full time since 2004, empowering us to build the years of relationship critical for ministry in Asia. We've seen joy and heartbreak, but God has always been faithful to His promises, and you have been faithful to your partnership with us in our ministry. Thank you.

Partner with Us

If you would like to partner with us, we need you! We are volunteers in this work, and so 100% of our income comes from the faithfulness of partners like you. Here are some ways that you can join with us in our ministry to the Akha:

Prayer Partners: please, please remember us in prayer. Our ministry is impotent without the covering and direction from our God, the agreement and unity of our Saviour Jesus Christ and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Please pray for our family, our ministry and for the Akha people. You may also see our most recent prayer needs in our ministry updates.

Financial Partners: we need financial partners monthly and annually to help cover family expenses, travel, and ministry costs here in Thailand. These gifts are tax deductable and are received through our national missions board FMI. Donations can be received online or by mail, with details available on our Financial Partners page. We can testify to the stability of God's economy in our lives, and want to thank you all for standing with us in troubled times.

Project Partners: we also need partners to help us with our large or one-time financial needs, such as church and community buildings, vehicles, kids camps, and medical costs. These projects go towards helping meet financial needs that poor migrant workers could never pay for themselves. Please take a look at our most recent projects for more information.

Akha Clinic: the Akha Clinic provides free medicine and minor care for the Akha people. If you would like to give materials directly to the clinic, please see our list of needs. If you are a medical professional, please consider donating some time to join us for mobile clinics in Northern Thailand.

Teams: are you a skilled professional looking to use your talents in ministry? a high school student looking for some missions experience? or just someone who loves God and loves people? then we have a place for you! Please contact us for team information, and read about the teams that we have hosted in recent years.

Care Packages: finally, if you just want to send us a little something we have a "wishlist" of items that would be a blessing to our family here in Thailand.

Thank you for partnering with us!