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Serving the Kingdom in Southeast Asia


Foursquare Missions is the international mission arm of the U.S. Foursquare Church whose mandate is to win the world to Christ through the planting of healthy, reproducing churches through indigenous leadership. We have been serving as Foursquare missionaries since 2004 and have been blessed by the administrative and spiritual covering the FMI offers us as missionaries. FMI, ECFC (the Eastern Council of Foursquare Churches) and the Foursquare Thailand national church have provided us with opportunities for fellowship, conferences and training that are desperately needed by missionaries on the field. The relationships with our missionary supervisor and regional coordinator have provided key insights into Thai culture, approaching missions in Asia, and rural village missions concepts.

We are proud to serve as Foursquare missionaries, and are grateful for the spiritual and emotional support that FMI and the national Foursquare church provided for us.

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