If you want to send our family a care package through the mail, we would love it and have a list of suggested items which we would appreciate and are rare, expensive or impossible to get here:


  • Books. We don't have any specific books on the list. If you have read a book lately that really impacted you, please send us a copy (even a used copy is appreciated). Reading what you are reading helps us to know what is going on in the hearts and minds of our friends in America.

  • CDs. Again nothing specific, but whatever you are listening to that is making you think or sleep, relax or rage, dance or pause, wonder or worship probably interests us. The CD that you think everyone should hear, or the band that you think everyone should know - send it our way. Just no country, please.

  • Bible Study Materials. Recent videos, sermons, books, classes or curricula that have impacted your walk and you think might impact ours - or that might be translated for use in the Akha church.

  • Candy. Yep, we love candy. Especially the kind we can't get here. 100 Grand, sour patch kids, starburst, and anything that combines milk chocolate with caramel or peanut butter is appreciated!

  • Cereal. If you're sending a big box, or are visiting us by plane - we're always glad to see packages of Cheerios and Life Cereal!

  • Sauces. It's amazing how much a bottle can make things taste like home. If you are travelling to Thailand and have the room, Pace Picante Sauce, Hidden Valley Ranch and 505 sauce will always put a smile on our faces.